Crema di limoncello

sabato 31 ottobre 2015

When in Italy, sooner or later someone will come up to you at the end of the meal asking 'un goccetto di limoncello?' (fancy a sip of limoncello?) and you should at least try it. If it's a good limoncello you'll know, the lemon flavour should go straight to your head, but in a lovely way, and there will be a perfect balance between the alcohol and the fruit. 
I used to love limoncello and couldn't think of a better way to improve this drink but after meeting my boyfriend Livio and then meeting his family I changed my mind. 
Livio's parents are both from Naples and his mom is of course a great cook, she introduced me to recipes I didn't even know they existed: like the crema di limoncello
Once you try this version I'm not sure you will want to go back to the basic limoncello. 

Limoncello cream


lemons, 8
pure alcohol (95%), 1 liter
sugar, 1 kg and 600 g
heavy cream, 400 g
vanilla powder, about 2 g
cognac, 120 g
long-life milk, 2 liters

Peel the lemons and let the peels sit in the litre of alcohol for ten days (this process is very important because the lemon peels will give all of their flavour to the alcohol). 
Boil the milk together with the sugar and vanilla powder and remember to stir continuously. Once it boils. remove from heat and leave to cool down. Make sure it cools down completely and then add the heavy cream (not whipped), the filtered alcohol and the 120 gr. of cognac.
You can now fill the bottles and store them in the freezer for about ten days before serving.

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