lunedì 30 novembre 2015

1. Large serving spoons, for those who love one of a kind wooden spoons to go with their food.
2. Rachel Alice Roddy's Five quarters: recipes and notes from a kitchen in Rome, for anyone who loves food and Rome. 
3. Artisanal panettone Pepe, for the ones that can't wait to try a really good panettone this year. 
4. A collection of spices, for all the curious cooks out there.  
5. Auriga kit, for a little bit of body loving. 
6. Handspun yarns, for the knitter that likes natural fibers.
7. Ceramic cake server, for the one that likes to cut the first slice.
8. Stoneware mortar and wood pestle, for that one person that loves to mash and crush in the kitchen. 

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